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Maximise asset performance

We enable asset-intensive organisations running mission critical equipment to achieve superior Operations & Maintenance outcomes.

We implement industry leading asset maintenance and IoT sensing and measurement technology.

Find out how companies are able to:

  • Reduce unplanned downtime

  • Identify and address downtime causes

  • Prioritise, schedule and track maintenance tasks 

  • Track production methods and meet compliance requirements

  • Improve visibility of spare parts

  • Measure and record manufacturing and production KPis

  • Meet the auditing / compliance requirements of customers

Our Story

Our team has developed industrial monitoring and control solutions for over 20 years. We understand the challenges associated with maintaining mission-critical assets and industrial monitoring and control systems and equipment. We help our clients to improve operational efficiency and optimise their maintenance programs.

Our Vision

Our mission is to make maintenance teams successful. We’ll help with implementation and adoption, walk you through defining your goals and KPIs, and be there through every step of your asset maintenance journey.


We partner with industry leading vendors and work with the latest industry technology in order to deliver practical business benefits.


"Work done on the plant went from chaotic to a very organized and planned program that has resulted in record production outputs by the plant"

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