By 2020 more than 50 billion assets will connect to the Internet, enabling organisations to monitor, control and transform business processes like never before. At Kingfish Solutions we draw upon our deep expertise in sensors and monitoring and control systems to help our clients take advantage of the enormous opportunities presented by the industrial Internet of Things.

  • IoT Challenges

    The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the growing number of connected devices around us, enabling organisations to monitor and control business processes and achieve new levels of operational insight. The potential benefits are huge – but only if the data can be effectively captured, analysed and acted upon.


    At Kingfish Solutions we enable our clients to get the most out of their embedded devices and monitoring and control systems.


    Potential barriers to IoT success

    There is a range of issues that put IoT initiatives at risk:

    • Lack of clarity regarding the operational issues to be solved
    • Difficulty in integrating information from existing sensors and monitoring & control systems (SCADA, PLCs, motion sensors) with modern IoT platforms
    • Disconnect between the Information Technology and Operational Technology teams
    • Uncertainty regarding implementation costs
    • Data privacy and security concerns
    • Lack of data standards
    • Inadequate infrastructure
    • Poorly defined workflows
    • Difficulty in measuring Return on Investment

    It is important that these issues are identified and addressed at the start of the project.


    • Keys To Success

      So what is the key to IoT success? We recommend that our clients take a phased approach to IoT, where the outcomes and learnings from each phase promote internal buy-in and inform the objectives of future phases. To achieve buy-in it is important to have measurable objectives against which project success can be measured. If the objectives are achieved then they serve as evidence and support for future project investment. At Kingfish Solutions we ensure our clients have a clear understanding of the purpose of their IoT initiative from the start and address any risk factors up front. We get the project off to the right start by answering the following questions:

      • What is the operational problem you need to solve?
      • What is the benefit to the organisation of solving the problem?
      • What information do you need to solve the problem?
      • Is the information available from the existing sensor network?
      • How do you interface with the existing sensor network in order to acquire the information?
      • How should you present the results?


      Using this approach Kingfish Solutions has successfully enabled its clients to harness their existing sensor network and monitoring & control systems to solve specific operational issues.

    • Our Capability

      The Kingfish Solutions team has been developing monitoring and control solutions for over 20 years. We have a deep understanding of industrial monitoring and control systems and understand the challenges associated with acquiring data from legacy embedded sensors in order to address real-time operational issues. We develop bespoke solutions to address your specific operational needs.


        We have deep expertise across a range of business processes and technology interfaces:

        • GPS
        • Gyrocompasses
        • Motion sensors
        • PLC communication protocols
        • SCADA
        • C / C++ / C# / Java programming
        • Client server TCP/IP and UDP & SSL
        • Serial communications
        • Real-time embedded systems
        • Multi-process/multi-threaded software development


        Our expertise spans a range of industries, including

        • Maritime
        • Defence
        • Oil & Gas
        • Health
        • Mining
        • Manufacturing
        • Agriculture

      • Case Studies

        The following are examples of bespoke IoT solutions and client engagements.

        Dynamic Ride Control

        Maritime / Defence - real-time control systems

        An embedded controller for high speed vessels (naval craft) that provides a smooth ride by controlling the forcing devices (flaps, fins, trim flaps, etc) in response to vessel motion (roll, pitch and heave).


        It is also used by Naval Architects during vessel commissioning to dynamically tune vessel ride parameters, resulting in reduced commissioning times.

        FPSO Excursion Monitoring

        Oil & Gas - detecting FPSO mooring line failures

        Integrates GPS, gyrocompass and motion sensor output to monitor the mooring integrity of FPSO offshore vessels for Oil & Gas operators and detect when a mooring line failure occurs.


        Integrated Marine Monitoring

        Oil & Gas - FPSO maintenance

        Integrates weather, motion and position data to determine whether it is safe to conduct offshore FPSO maintenance

        Serial Data Aggregation

        All Sectors - Legacy data integration

        Aggregates data across multiple, disparate serial interfaces to provide a real-time view of operations

        Solar Power Monitoring

        Energy - serial interface

        Interface to a proprietary solar regulator to allow easy access and export of internal device data and integration with external weather data. Provides comprehensive monitoring of power usage in an off-grid setting.

        Medical Device Integration

        Digital Health - aggregating and monetizing smart medical device data

        Our client is developing a platform to aggregate, distribute and monetize data from smart medical devices. The platform promise to significantly improve the delivery of healthcare services and reduce the cost of chronic disease management. We are providing market development services to enable our client to take advantage of an enormous growth area.

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