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Industry Solutions

Our maintenance platform has the tools to help you cut downtime, extend asset life, and more, regardless of what industry you work in. We configure the platform so that it exactly addresses your O&M requirements.




  • Manage asset histories, preventive maintenance schedules, spare parts, and more in one place so you can prevent breakdowns and hit uptime targets

  • Trigger preventive maintenance when anomalies are detected on equipment

  • Generate failure codes to fix problems quickly and understand why they happened

  • Predict upcoming preventive maintenance work that’s likely to cause breakdowns

  • Track maintenance costs, repair dates, and other maintenance activity for every asset



  • Manage multiple clients / sites from a single interface

  • Track spare parts and purchasing requirements

  • Identify and address ongoing maintenance issues on key components (inverters, panels, trackers, transformers)

  • Manage daily, weekly and monthly maintenance procedures

  • Trigger maintenance events based on key data (voltage/current/frequency/temperature)

  • Optimise technician travel time to and from sites



Food and Beverage

  • Complete all your compliance tasks on time and prove it to auditors in seconds

  • Prioritize, assign, and track work orders in five clicks

  • Find, fix, and prevent breakdowns without cutting into production time

  • See work order details from anywhere, even if there’s no internet

  • Track and compare maintenance performance across assets, sites, and shifts

  • Automatically notify contractors of upcoming work and get updates on their schedules


Heavy Equipment

  • Heavy equipment maintenance on time, in less time, for more uptime

  • Schedule work orders, purchase parts, and track all your metrics in a few clicks while seamlessly integrating with any fleet management system.

  • Attach photos, tasklists, manuals, and BOMs to work orders to reduce repair and inspection times

  • Scan QR codes to instantly see work, parts, and SOPs associated with an asset

  • Access failure codes to fix problems quickly and understand why they happened

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