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Save Time & Improve Performance with Kingfish Services

We will get you up and running quickly with our onboarding or implementation services. Help your company improve performance over time with ongoing assistance from our team of maintenance experts. 

We work with your team to ensure that you make the most of your existing knowledge and data. We help you design, upload and configure your data, including

  • asset hierarchy

  • preventative maintenance

  • standard operating procedures

  • spare parts inventory management

  • work request portal

  • audit and compliance requirements

  • mobile access

  • reporting

We enable you with dashboards and reports so that you always know what's going on at any time from anywhere.

Leverage your Operations & Maintenance data


Ensure Implementation Success With A Structured Implementation Plan

We work with you to prepare an Implementation Plan that reflects the day-to-day challenges faced by your maintenance team and provides a realistic view of timings and outcomes. We then follow up with post-implementation support to ensure you're achieving the desired outcomes.

Your Business Runs On Maintenance. Maintenance Runs On Fiix


Work Orders Managed Per Year


Maintenance Tasks Scheduled Every Year


Assets Managed Per Day

Services Terms & Conditions

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